Published on 21 November 2022

Acquisition of BModesto Group by Uniphar Group

BModesto Group continues operations under the same name with the same team and is poised for further growth

Ireland-based Uniphar Group today announced the acquisition of BModesto Group, parent company of BModesto, BMmedical, BMclinical, Doncaster Pharma and SynCo Pharma. BModesto Group and its subsidiaries will become the property of Uniphar through the acquisition, and will continue to operate under its own name.

Uniphar is a global partner for pharmaceutical and MedTech manufacturers with over €1.9 billion in revenues and has a customer base spanning  more than 160  countries. Uniphar’s mission of improving patient access to medicines in Europe and around the world aligns well with BModesto Group’s mission of improving the availability, accessibility and affordability of global healthcare resources.

BModesto Group and its subsidiaries continues their operations under the same name and with the same team. Michael Hendriks will continue his current role as Managing Director. Roy van Voorst is stepping down from his current role as Managing Director, but will remain with the organisation as a consultant. Michael Hendriks, founder of BModesto Group, said: ‘With the acquisition, BModesto acquires additional expertise and knowledge from Uniphar’s Product Access division. Being part of the Uniphar Group will give us new scale and customer relationships which will allow us to improve access to healthcare resources.’

What does the acquisition mean for you as a partner?
For you as a partner, this acquisition does not entail any noticeable changes. We will continue to provide our customers with our services and see in this acquisition a possibility to offer additional opportunities that will benefit you as a partner. If you have any questions, please reach out to your contact person within the organisation or email